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Wallpaper Engine
  • Developer: Kristjan Skutta, Tim Eulitz
  • Genre: Utilities & Tools
  • Version: 1.2.41
User Rating: Rating 4.32

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Release Date
Oct 10, 2016
Kristjan Skutta, Tim Eulitz
Kristjan Skutta, Tim Eulitz
Utilities & Tools
Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS


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Make Your Desktop Animated: Download Wallpaper Engine for Windows & Mac

Zoey Stewart

It's a perfect application that enables users to create, display, and share custom-made wallpapers and animations.

The application offers a wide range of tools and features for creating unique pics designs. Wallpaper Engine is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


The user interface of Wallpaper Engine download for free is clean and intuitive. The main window is divided into four sections: Wallpapers, Workshop, Library, and Settings. The Wallpapers section is where users can browse and preview available pics. The Workshop section is where users can create and edit their own images. The Library section is where users can manage their pictures collection. Settings section is where users can adjust application's settings.


Program is designed to be easy to use and to allow users to create custom pics that are both visually appealing and functional. Wallpaper Engine for free download has a wide variety of features that make it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use. For personal use, App can be used to create custom pics for your desktop that can be used to display photos, videos, or even animated GIFs. For professional use, Program can be used to create marketing materials, such as desktop backgrounds or website headers.


Product offers a wide range of tools and features for creating unique picture designs. The application is compatible with a variety of file formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIFF. Download Wallpaper Engine for free also supports animations, so users can create animated pics.


App offers a comprehensive help section that covers all aspects of application. The help section in Wallpaper Engine for Linux includes a getting started guide, a creation guide, and a troubleshooting guide. In addition, help section includes a FAQ section and a user forum.


  • How do I purchase an app?
    You can get Wallpaper Engine through official Steam store page.
  • Is there a free trial or demo?
    Yes, app features a free demo mode that allows you to try out any workshop without owning or subscribing to it. Free Wallpaper Engine mode is automatically activated for new users and workshops will run in this mode by default.
  • Can I use my own custom/personal photos or videos?
    Yes, you can use any kind of personal content in Wallpaper Engine for Android. There are two ways of doing this:
    • If you have just a couple of pics for desktop, you can activate mode of local file and add your manually. You can then subscribe to your own wallpapers and use them like any other workshop.
    • If you want to use a lot of custom pics, you can create your own workshop and upload your images there. You can then subscribe to whole workshop and have pics automatically updated whenever you add more images.
  • Can I create my own workshop for that application?
    Yes, anyone can create their own workshop for Wallpaper Engine for Windows 10. Just open workshop in Steam client and click on “Create Workshop” button.
  • Can I monetize my workshops?
    Yes, you can add a price to your workshop and charge other users for subscribing to it. The workshop creator always gets 70% of workshop price and Wallpaper Engine for Mac gets 30%.


Overall, application has a wide range of tools and features for creating unique wallpaper designs, and it is also software can read different formats of files. Product is available for all operating systems.


  • You can find pics for any taste.
  • It's very easy to use.
  • Program offers a lot of customization options.
  • It's regularly updated.
  • Program is available in several languages.


  • It's a paid program.
  • You need a powerful computer to use application.

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